Live at 5: Personal Branding with Stephanie Hitchens

by Mar 10, 2022

Creating a personal brand as a real estate agent has become more important than ever in today’s competitive market. In this episode of Live at 5, we talk to Stephanie Hitchens of Page Create about brand strategy for agents.

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Products Referenced In this Episode

  • Page Create – Professional Facebook Page design and optimization service.
  • TurnKey Suite – A fully-managed Facebook marketing service built for real estate.

Guests In this Episode

Stephanie Hitchens

Stephanie has helped thousands of real estate agents build their personal brands as designer for Page Create and TurnKey Suite. She holds a Masters Degree in Media Design from Full Sail University. She is also an alumnus of Old Dominion University and the University of North Florida. Growing up in a real estate family her knowledge of the industry runs deep, and she uses her past experiences working in real estate to create the best possible designs for her clients.

Jon Walker

Jon earned his Masters in Mass Communications from the University of Florida. He specializes in online communications and web design. As Digital Assets Manager, he oversees the production and distribution of educational content produced by Home ASAP.

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