The Best Real Estate Facebook Pages of 2021

by Jan 31, 2022

Each year, Home ASAP’s Page Create design team sees thousands of Facebook pages for real estate agents from every corner of the U.S. However, a few pages always stand out among the rest. Their unique branding and overall professionalism naturally elevate them above other agents in their market. With this in mind, we asked our designers to nominate the top Facebook pages for real estate agents they’ve seen in 2021.

Honorable Mentions

While these agent Facebook pages did not quite make the top 5 for 2021, we can all agree that they are well done nonetheless.

5 – Diane Haberman

Our countdown of the Best Real Estate Agent Facebook pages starts with Diane Haberman of Compass Realty & Management. The designer uses the font and text size to create a sense of order and stability. The overlapping elements over a beautiful background makes a great first impression that is professional and elegant.

4 – Veronica Ayala

You don’t need to read a word to know Veronica Ayala’s market area! With a heavenly view of the Dallas skyline, Veronica’s cover image uses visual cues to communicate important information up front. Further down the page, you can also see that Veronica regularly posts a nice mix of interesting content and lead generation offers.

3 (Tie) – Tammy Calhoun

Coming in at number 3 on our list of Best Real Estate Agent Facebook Pages, we have Tammy Calhoun. Her page has a ton of personality with its retro aesthetics and the pin-up style image of Tammy. The unique cover image creates a memorable impression that cuts through more traditional pages.

Don’t forget that people tend to do business with people they know, like, and trust. Tammy’s branding makes an immediate connection with her target audience. You come away from her page with the impression that Tammy would be a fun, personable agent to tour homes with.

3 (Tie) – Chris Hernandez

Our other number three page takes full advantage of Chris’s unique market in southwest Florida. From beautiful beaches to inland waterways, a series of cover images highlights the advantages of living in Fort Myers, a prime metro area for relocations.

Just as importantly, Chris’s page is set up to make it easier to do business with him. For instance, you can see a blue “call-to-action” button that says, “Shop on Website.” After clicking the button, visitors are taken to his own home search page to search the MLS.

2 – Brad Link – Orchard Brokerage, LLC

Our second best real estate Facebook page combines photos and illustrations to create a modern, fun design. The background image shows a construction style common to his market in northern Virginia, and Brad’s name and contact info are front and center to allow visitors to easily take action before even scrolling down the page.

1 – Broadnax Realty Group – JPAR Real Estate

Sometimes simple is simply best! This Facebook page contains a single cover image, and a well written description that portrays Mary Broadnax as a consummate professional. The purple background subtly suggested the type of royal treatment clients receive from the Broadnax Realty Group while also coordinating perfectly with her golden jacket in the profile picture.

Other fine details in the cover photo make this an exceptional design. The hexagonal frames portray the types of homes typically handled by the Broadnax Realty Group. The unique shape also creates visual interest to capture visitors and gently guides their eyes to the important information. For instance, you may notice how the sides and the corners of the hexagons all lead to the contact information.

Takeaways From the Top Real Estate Pages of 2021

All of the top Facebook pages have a few important elements in common. First, they all use visuals to communicate something about their business. Some strategically focused on connecting to the local market. For others, the imagery tells us something about what it will be like to work with that agent.

Each page used their cover art to build a brand true to who they are as an agent. As a result, their pages created a solid foundation to begin marketing themselves on Facebook. From there, ach page also made it easy to do business with them by highlighting their contact information and providing relevant calls to action such as “Message Me” or “Shop Now.”

Ultimately, Home ASAP’s Page Create designers understand how to use attention grabbing design to spur action, and that’s why the top agents invest in remodeling and optimizing their Facebook pages. If you’d like more information about how to upgrade your Facebook page with Page Create, visit

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