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Ten Strategies for Real Estate Lead Generation In 2021

by Jan 11, 2021

Consistent lead generation is one of the most important tasks real estate agents must master to be successful. Most experts recommend nurturing at least 3-5 different lead sources to fuel your business. Here are ten key lead generation sources you should explore in 2021 to help you reach your business goals.

1. Social media marketing

Social media should be a top priority lead source in 2021. Developing a content strategy, building your followers, and taking advantage of targeted ads will be key to build your awareness and generate leads.  Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are among the top sites used by real estate agents.

Real Estate Facebook Page Remodeled by Page Create
This agent’s Facebook page has been remodeled and optimized for lead capture by Page Create.

2. Past clients

By maintaining contact with your past clients, they will think of you as their real estate agent. That way, when the time comes and they’re ready to sell their home, they know exactly who to call first.

3. Referrals

Maximize referrals from all the contacts in your network: current and past clients, family, and friends, business associates, etc. If the prospect isn’t ready to buy or sell, ask them if they know anyone who is.

4. Clients of agents who left the firm

Your association with a departed agent gives you the foot in the door you need to build a relationship with past clients of retired agents.

5. Expired listings

Instead of approaching these prospects with all the reasons they should hire you, explain why their home didn’t sell the first time around and how your strategy solves the problem.

6. For sale by owner

Be patient and provide enough information and value to be helpful so that when they decide to hire an agent, they’ll think of you.  Show them all the services a real estate professional provides through the transaction process, and give them the facts regarding the net price received on homes sold by an agent versus FSBO.

Seller Lead Ad Example Upsize
Seller Lead Ads on Facebook can help you find leads interested in selling outside your current contacts.

7. Direct mail

A successful direct mail campaign depends on having a targeted list, a strong message, and a compelling call to action.  Coordinating your direct mail with targeted online ads will increase the conversion rate.

8. Lender partnerships

Build mutually-beneficial partnerships with local mortgage lenders and offer to add them to your list of recommended lenders if they agree to recommend you as a real estate agent.

Members of the Real Estate Agent Directory are eligible for co-sponsored ad campaigns with a CMG loan officer.

9. For sale sign strategy

Get more leads from your For Sale signs by including a QR code or URL to access the property flyer online. Include a lead capture form requesting the person’s name, number, and email address.

10. Homeowners’ associations

Advertising with or participating in the HOA can often get you access to the newsletter’s entire mailing list and help brand you as that neighborhood’s agent.  Offer to provide neighborhood sales information or current market data and trends.

Now that you have some ideas for real estate lead generation in 2021, it’s time to put them into action. Home ASAP can equip you to generate more leads make this your best year yet in real estate. Visit our Lead Generation solutions page for more information.

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