Preparing Your Sellers for a Home Inspection

by Mar 14, 2022

The prospective purchaser of your home will usually order a thorough inspection by a professional inspection company. Here are some suggestions and guidelines for dealing with the inspector and the results of the inspection.

Cluttered Garage

Ask your sellers to remove clutter that might prevent inspectors from accessing areas such as breaker boxes and HVAC units.


Anticipate that the inspector will walk through your entire home. Make every effort to clear storage items, boxes, etc. that may hinder access to electrical panels, attics, closets, crawl spaces, etc. A parked car that blocks attic access over the garage area, for instance, may mean a return trip which is costly and inconvenient to everyone.

System & Procedure of Inspection

Every inspector will have a proven system that they will repeat at every inspection. This inspection system is one of the ways that is used to detect defects, potential issues and limit liability for all. For example, the inspector may start on the exterior and move clockwise around the house and then move to the interior starting from the kitchen. Let the inspector do his job. Do not limit him to time constraints or ask him to do certain areas first because you have to leave. While all professional inspectors will not allow themselves to be pressured for time, most will be more than happy to reschedule the inspection to a more convenient time if you cannot allow access for the time period necessary.

Electrical Bulbs & Light Fixtures

Replace burned-out bulbs and/or install bulbs in all light fixtures prior to the inspection.

Dog in kennel

Sellers should make a plan for their pets during an inspection to keep both inspector and the pets safe.


If you have a pet that is easily excitable, dislikes strangers, or is prone to bite someone, put it in a cage, or perhaps remove it from the property on the day of the inspection. If you will not be attending the inspection and have a pet that should not be let out of the house, or should be confined to a particular part of the house, leave a note to that effect on the front door. Also, it helps to know the pet’s name to put it at ease.

Special thanks to Inspection Depot for allowing us to reprint this article which originally appeared on the Inspection Depot website.

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