53 Real Estate Video Ideas for Agents

by Sep 17, 2021

When it comes to engaging clients and building trust on the internet, almost nothing beats video content. Unfortunately, many agents don’t take advantage of videos for real estate because they simply don’t know what to talk about. Consider that problem solved. Here are 53 real estate video ideas you can use to attract clients and build your brand.

Video Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Video has become an essential part of marketing yourself and your listings on social media. Read on for more real estate video ideas.

Video Ideas To Introduce Yourself As a Real Estate Agent

  1. Say hello and tell about the services you offer
  2. Describe your specializations and certifications and their significance
  3. Ask past clients to describe their experience with you in one word.
  4. Read a positive Google review and talk about working with the client
  5. Share an interesting personal or prior work experience that prepared you for real estate
  6. Introduce other members of your team
  7. Tell about the things you love about being in real estate

Video Ideas For Selling People On Your Community

  1. Create a tour of dining options in your area
  2. Create a tour of nearby entertainment destinations
  3. Discuss historical highlights or interesting facts about the community
  4. Interview small businesses owners in the area
  5. Compare your community to another nearby community across different categories
  6. Interview with long-time residents about what they love about an area
  7. Tell about opportunities for outdoor recreation in the area
  8. Give an overview of important stats such as population and climate averages

Video Ideas For Helping New Area Residents

  1. Discuss major employers in the area with on location footage if possible
  2. Help identify neighborhoods and developments that fit different budgets
  3. Explain where to go for local utilities and services
  4. Show local seasonal events and places to visit
  5. Show common architectural styles in a neighborhood with an emphasis on homes you’ve sold
  6. Show major roadways to help new residents navigate the area (include a map and dashcam video)
  7. Share shortcuts for avoiding traffic
  8. Share climate-specific home maintenance tips such as how to winterize a home

Videos Ideas About Real Estate Practices

  1. Give an overview of the home buying process for first-time homebuyers
  2. Describe the typical process for listing a home for sale
  3. Explain why it is a bad idea for an owner to sell their own home
  4. Discuss what to look for in a real estate agent
  5. Discuss what to look for when considering lenders
  6. Explain special programs and tools available to home buyers such as VA and USDA loans
  7. Share the best home improvements for adding value to a home
  8. Tell about the extra steps involved in buying a short sale or foreclosed property
  9. Explain common contingencies encountered when buying or selling
  10. Share things every real estate agent should be doing for their clients
  11. Explain what typically happens at a closing
  12. Share things buyers and sellers can do to help a home close smoothly

Video Ideas For Marketing a Listing

  1. Highlight interesting features of the property
  2. Announce an upcoming open house
  3. Share the outside view from a window, deck, or other area of the property
  4. Complete a virtual walk-through of the property
  5. Tour the neighbor where the home is located
  6. Show amenities within a development such as pools or playgrounds
  7. Create a highlight reel of improvements and upgrades made to the home

Other Real Estate Video Ideas

  1. Respond to a comment or question from a previous video
  2. Identify red flags to look for when receiving offers on a home
  3. Describe the difference between cosmetic issues and major issues in a home for sale
  4. Tell the story of a client you’ve helped
  5. Share funny sights and situations you’ve encountered during showings
  6. Share tips for first-time homebuyers
  7. Explain the value of working with an agent versus an iBuyer or investor
  8. Share tips for improving a home’s curb appeal
  9. Explain what title insurance is and what to look for when choosing a company
  10. Create a celebration video when a home closes
  11. Share your analysis of the state of the real estate market

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