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Northwest MLS Integrations Now Available For Home ASAP Products

Jacksonville, FL., Dec. 7, 2020 — Northwest MLS has officially joined the roster of over 200 MLS integrations available for Home ASAP’s line of Facebook marketing products for real estate agents. With the new agreement, over 30,000 real estate agents across 23 counties in Washington state can now utilize tools like IDX Home Search and Property Poster to market their services and generate new leads.

The new integration also opens agent members of Northwest MLS to even more exciting free features available through the Real Estate Agent Directory (READ). This includes the ability to import their current listings as Featured Listings on their READ profile to reach new potential buyers. Featured Listings automatically update based on the MLS system meaning virtually no maintenance.

Featured Listings can also be integrated into the agent’s own website using Home ASAP’s Easy MLS Listings Import plugin for WordPress. Like Featured Listings on READ, these listings automatically update themselves after initial setup and again the tool is completely free.

With the addition of Northwest MLS, Home ASAP now offers integrations with 206 MLS approved markets across the US.  Home ASAP now reaches over 1.4 million agents serving up over 1.35 million unique and active listings. Home ASAP’s coverage includes 97.9% of active homes available for sale in the US.

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