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CRM Integrations with Zapier

With our Zapier integration, you can now quickly and easily send leads from Home ASAP products directly to your CRM. In this guide, we’ll take you through what you can do with Zapier, how to set up your integration, and what lead information can be sent to your Zap. We’ll also provide you with the access token you’ll need to make the integration work.

Home ASAP times the power of Zapier

Get Access Token

To make your integration work in Zapier you’ll need an access token. You’ll enter this token when prompted in Zapier to give it permission to access your Home ASAP account.

Please sign in to the Real Estate Agent Directory (READ) to view your access token.

Here is your access token. This access token is unique to your Real Estate Agent Directory account, and it will allow Zapier to access the incoming lead information for your account. Do not share this access token with others.

Please contact [email protected] for your personal access token

What Does the Zapier Integration Do?

Every Zapier integration begins with a trigger that tells a sequence of events (called actions) to start. The Home ASAP integration creates a trigger that watches for new leads coming from Home ASAP products such as IDX Home Search or Home Value Leads Tool. Then it can pass the lead information collected on to another app such as a CRM or spreadsheet program.

Available Triggers

  • New Lead – Detects a new lead from Home ASAP products.

Available Actions

  • None.

What Lead Information Is Returned?

When a new lead comes in, Home ASAP will also send particular bits of information. This information can then be mapped to the appropriate fields in the app you’d like to receive that information (i.e. – your CRM, e-mail marketing software, etc.).

Available Fields

  • id
  • firstName
  • lastName
  • email
  • phone
  • dateCreated
  • source – product where lead originated.
  • notes – other information sent with lead such as property address for CMA or showing requests.

Setting Up Your Integration

To get started, you will need an active subscription to one of Home ASAP’s lead generation products. You’ll also need an access token to authenticate your account in Zapier. Here’s an overview of the process.

  1. Set up your product subscription.
  2. Make a new Zap at
  3. Choose HomeASAP Leads as the Trigger app.
  4. Choose New Lead as the Trigger event.
  5. Connect to your account by entering your Access Token. (Note: You can get your access token using the form below.)
  6. Retrieve test data. You will need at least one lead in the Leads Dashboard on Real Estate Agent Directory to perform this step.
  7. Choose the app to use for your action. This usually will the CRM or other app you’re trying to connect.
  8. Match the available fields received from Home ASAP to the available fields for the other app. A full list of available fields is listed above.