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IDX Home Search

Attract Leads with Your Own MLS Search for Facebook

Become the point of contact for any listing in your MLS. IDX Home Search features built-in lead capture and real time notifications connect you to prospects as they search the MLS.

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Harness the Power of Facebook…

When it comes to reaching customers, nothing beats Facebook. A whopping 84% of people aged 30-49 use Facebook – a key demographic for real estate. Plus, they’re highly engaged. The average American logs into Facebook 8 times a day for at least 40 mins. So if you’re not using Facebook to generate leads, you’re missing opportunities.

IDX Home Search seizes these potential clients by making it easy to search for homes from Facebook.

Promote Your Home Search on Facebook Automatically

We keep your IDX Home Search in front of buyers With up to 4 four promotional posts to your Facebook business page each month. Each post includes an attractive-grabbing image and a link to your home search. Plus, subscribers with 2000 or more page likes can add a tab to their Facebook business page, so that buyers can search for homes from their Facebook business page.

Don’t have a Facebook page for your business? We can help with that too!

IDX Home Search for Facebook

A Home Search Consumers Love

In side-by-side testing, 8 out of 10 users found the experience superior to Zillow’s

Be Contacted From Any Listing

Your contact number is clearly displayed for users to contact you on every listing. Buyers can also email you or schedule a showing with the click of a button.

Neighborhood Info

Listings are updated every 5 minutes with the most current information on price, days on market, nearby shopping, and more!

Map & Grid Views

Buyers can toggle between an easy to pan map view and listing grid view when searching homes.

High-Res Listing Photo Galleries

Clicking on “photos” on the listing card brings up a large-scale photo gallery. Images will auto-rotate through the gallery, allowing the user to view all images of the property.

Built-in Lead Capture & Activity Notifications

We place calls to action throughout the search to convert potential buyers into contactable leads. Each time a lead gets captured you receive real-time e-mail notifications with lead contact info. From there, you can follow up with your new lead immediately or nurture the lead with our built-in follow-up e-mail campaigns notifying leads of other homes that might interest them.

Have another drip marketing solution already? No problem. Just export your leads from your Leads Dashboard!

Works On Your Website, Too

Your subscription to IDX Home ASAP also includes free access to our My IDX Home Search plugin, so that you can also add your IDX search to most websites in a few clicks! See for yourself here!

IDX Home Search plugin for WordPress shown on Mobile and Desktop.

It’s the most beautiful and functional search I’ve ever seen. As soon as I discovered it, I stopped using the other IDX service I’ve been using for years on my site. In my social media posts and other interactions, I encourage people to use it because, frankly, it makes me look good.

– Randy S.

CRMs available through Zapier Integration

Seamless CRM Integration Through Zapier

IDX Home Search now integrates with the industry leading automation tool Zapier. Now you can send leads directly to dozens of CRMs including kvCORE, CINC, Follow Up Boss, BoomTown, and more. Our Zapier integration also lets you connect to over 3,000 other apps from e-mail marketing tools to spreadsheets for ultimate productivity.

What’s included with IDX Home Search?

IDX Home Search property information page
An MLS search landing page branded to you.
Up to 4 automatic Facebook posts per month promoted your search to followers.
Instant alerts by email, iOS app, or textas leads come in.
A Featured Listings landing page to promote your current listings.
Zapier integration that allows for direct connections to most CRMs.
A simple WordPress integration with My IDX Home Search WordPress plugin.
A Search for Homes tab on Facebook pages with at least 2,000 followers.

Reach even more leads with an optional Facebook Advertising add-on!


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