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Get Automatic MLS Listing Posts on Facebook for Free

As our gift to you, members of the Real Estate Agent Directory can set up automatic MLS Listing Posts for Facebook at no charge. Thank you for being a part of the Home ASAP family!

Get Started With Facebook Listing Posts

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Promote Listings Automatically

  • Posts your 5 most recent listings in an engaging carousel format.
  • No listings? No problem! Easily pull other listings from your brokerage to share with potential buyers.
  • Posts four times a month on your Facebook business page.

Each Listing Gets Its Own Property Detail Landing Page

Every listing in your post is clickable and directs to a page highlighting all the important details home shoppers are looking for! These pages are branded to you and have options to contact you directly from the listing.

    Information Includes:

  • Days on Market
  • Sale Price
  • Mortgage Estimate
  • Neighborhood Demographics
  • & Much More
Real Estate Agent Directory Includes a Referrals Network

Access Even More Free Member Benefits

As a member of the Real Estate Agent Directory, you also receive exclusive benefits including:

  • A nationwide referrals network with over 650,000 members.
  • Access to exclusive real estate agent collaboration group on Facebook.
  • Shareable featured listing pages for your MLS listings.
  • And much more!