You scored a on the Agent Facebook Effectiveness scale.


You’re doing a great job using Facebook to marketing your real estate services. Your next challenges will be to become more efficient in how you manage your Facebook and to continue improving your outcomes.

You might even benefit from a service like TurnKey Suite that can manage your Facebook marketing for you. TurnKey Suite account managers can build on your solid foundation, so you can focus on converting leads into customers.


You have a solid start in your Facebook marketing. With some additional investment, you could rise above the other agents in your area. Your next steps will be to increase lead generation and customer engagement from your page.

A service like TurnKey Suite can help you take that next step. TurnKey Suite account managers have expert training to let them assess your needs and execute a plan to get the most from your Facebook page.

Needs Improvement

Your score indicates that you have lots of opportunities to improve your Facebook marketing. Maybe you’re not sure where to start or simply don’t have the time to commit to Facebook. Maybe you’re just getting started on Facebook.

No matter what your situation might be, you’ll want to work on improving your Facebook presence. A service like TurnKey Suite can help you get a jumpstart by optimizing your Facebook page and getting you started with advertising on Facebook.

Quiz: Are You Getting the Most Out of Facebook?

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