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How to Supplement your Page Engage Content Through the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted all our lives. That’s for certain. Everyone knows it’s hardly “business as usual” right now, and you may find yourself scrambling to react to what’s happening just like the rest of the world.

In every crisis situation, marketers are forced to adjust and adapt to the current climate, and that means taking a hard look at what you’re sharing on social media with your audience. While your Page Engage service lends light, entertaining posts to your current content strategy, we’ve put together a guide of what we suggest you share on your page to supplement your service and best reflect what’s happening right now.

Keep Your Audience Informed

As an area expert, you want to be seen as a helpful resource by keeping your local audience informed. Every area is going to react to a crisis differently and have its own unique policies in place. Is there a curfew in effect? Are local restaurants and shops closing? Sharing these updates from credible news sources will help you come across as informed and in-the-know in regards to what is happening in your area.

Share The Good

Times are hard right now for a lot of people. While remaining sensitive to current events is important, don’t feel obligated to only post the bad things happening in the world. There are plenty of good things out there too! Look and see if your local zoos, aquariums or museums are doing virtual tours and share those on your page. If a brand you love is doing something great for its consumers don’t be afraid to post about it. Your fans will greatly appreciate a happy distraction from the current programming!

Differentiate Your Business and Personal Page

Right now, there are more attentive users on social media than usual. Most of them are using it as an outlet and a way to stay connected with their friends and family. Likely, you are using your personal Facebook account the same way!

Keep in mind that your personal page and business page will require different types of attention in regards to what you post and share. Your professional account should remain pertinent to what is happening with your business as well as relevant industry updates to keep your audience involved. Chances are their feeds are already flooded with other business changes across the board so make what you post count!

Above all else, it’s important you don’t propagate fear and confusion on social media. Taking the time to fact check what you’re posting and audit its relevance can save you unwanted attention going forward. Remember, how you conduct yourself on social media during a time of crisis can be a direct reflection of how you do business.

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